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Guy-André SAURON is Mayor of la Mole since 1998.

Born: March 17, 1949 in Toulon (Var)
Legal status: married, two children
Profession: Wine producer in la Mole.


the Mayor's functions

Representative of the State in the municipality, the obligations of the Mayor give him at the same time capacities of general administration (under the control of the Prefect), and legal attributions (under the control of the Prosecutor).
The Mayor - with the town council - is also in charge of the preservation management of the goods belonging to the municipality (and to manage the incomes of them).
In his duties, the mayor engages his personal liability for several grounds : civil, countable and financial, penal.

The Mayor is the representative of the State:
He has to: publish and carry out the laws and payments, carry out measures of general safety, organize the political and professional elections, issue the legal documents, authorizations and certificates.

The Mayor and his deputies are officers of civil status:
The mayor is personally responsible for the acts of the civil status, the behaviour and the conservation of the registers. He cannot refuse the delivery of the acts to the citizens that have made the request.

The Mayor and his deputies are legal senior police officers:
They ensure, under the direction and the authority of the Prosecutor, certain missions of legal policing. They primarily consist in the research of the infringements of the criminal law, with the reception of the complaints and denunciations, the report of the infringements and their transmissions to the Prosecutor.
The mayor is also charged, under the control of the prefect, of "the municipal police forces, the rural police forces and the execution of the acts of State which are relative there". These police forces have a primarily preventive goal. This consists of ensuring the good order, safety and public health in the municipality.

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